Track Listing

 water, by grubby bean 

1.  Water Well 

2.  Evel Knievel

3.  Doldrums 

4.  It's Okay

5.  Nazareth 

6.  Gemstone

7.  Perfect Moment 

8.  Mountains of the Moon 

all music and lyrics by grubby bean 
except Mountains of the Moon (Garcia/Hunter) 



grubby bean: all guitars, lead vocals

Lucy Ellen: harmony vocals (Nazareth, Perfect Moment)

Ryan Dempsey: all keyboards, harmony vocals (Nazareth)

Zdenek Gubb: electric bass, harmony vocals (Nazareth)

Brook Jordan: drums, harmony vocals (Nazareth) 

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jay Newland
Assistant Engineering: Ian Callanan
Recorded at Carriage House Studios, Stamford, CT
Some overdubs at Greendale Studio, Lincoln, MA
Mastered by Lane Gibson, Lane Gibson Studios, Charlotte, VT

Instructions For Best Results - water album

This music was recorded and mixed to be played loud.

For best results, please follow the steps below. 

1. Recreate this music using reliable equipment that can accurately reproduce music at high volumes without distortion.

This is particularly important with bass frequencies. A quality subwoofer with independent amplifier is highly recommended. 

2. Upwardly adjust the volume level and your level of mental awareness to a state where the music feels like a fluid mass encompassing your entire body.

3. Swim freely and joyously.