grubby's album "water" is finished.

The album "water" is now available.
This album was recorded in February 2013 at Carriage House Studios, produced by Jay Newland, and with a band consisting of Ryan Dempsey, Zdenek Gubb, and Brook Jordan, all of Twiddle. 

1. Water Well
2. Evel Knievel (available as free mp3 download) 
3. Doldrums
4. It's Okay
5. Nazareth
6. Gemstone
7. Perfect Moment
8. Mountains of the Moon 

All of the above songs were written by grubby bean, both music and lyrics, except for Mountains of the Moon, written by Garcia/Hunter of the Grateful Dead. 

Free Download of Evel Knievel

For a free download of Evel Knievel, click on the "grubby tunes" page. 


Please click here, for HOW TO ACHIEVE BEST RESULTS listening to "water" :  FOR BEST RESULTS

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the "water" album