Who is twiddle? What is Orgasmic Fuzzball music?

Who is Twiddle? 

Twiddle is a band from Vermont that has been playing since 2005.  

Some in Vermont have tagged Twiddle as "the next Phish."  -  THIS IS INACCURATE. 

Twiddle is NOT the next Phish, Twiddle is the next Twiddle ....  

Phish is/was not the "next" Grateful Dead, although there are is a clear legacy of Grateful Dead in Phish music.  Phish grew beyond the Grateful Dead into new territory.   Twiddle is now doing the same thing, but their music is still unfolding. 

 Twiddle only resembles Phish in the way that Phish resembled the Grateful Dead - there are certainly links and deep respect for what has gone before, but Twiddle is all about making something new, just as Phish made something new, but was connected to the Grateful Dead and other music of the past. 

The cool thing about seeing Twiddle now - particularly if you go to multiple shows - is that you can see this evolution happening right before you.  

My advice to everyone interested:  SEE TWIDDLE NOW, WHILE YOU CAN, IN SMALL CLUBS.  

Here's grubby's short description of Twiddle Music: 

Twiddle’s music is a new tile in the mosaic, with clear connections to what has come before, but with something new that expands the realm of what music can be. New original music pushing what has become before, but stemming from reggae, funk, rock, bluegrass, jazz, and even hip-hop – all with lyrics to make you think and improvisational jams that reach for the ungraspable –

it’s an orgasmic fuzzball that will move your feet  - and your mind.  

Twiddle - the grubby bean archive of shows

I have been seeing twiddle since early 2007. 

I first heard twiddle on the Mountain Radio station owned by Killington.  It was a live broadcast from the Brick Box in Rutland. 

All I heard when I turned on the radio was a live jam - and I could hear traces of the Grateful Dead, Santana, Phish, Zappa - not copying, but a real influence coming out in something new - I also heard communication between the instruments - and humor - musical humor.  

It was everything I look for in music - but I wasn't able to see them live until about three weeks later - on March 17, 2007, at the Red Fox Inn. 

I was stunned when I walked in - cause I realized they were just kids - and I had formed an image of them as much older. 

That night I realized I had the chance to see the music of this band develop from the very beginning.  I got turned on the Grateful Dead in 1974 and Phish in 1998, which had both claimed their place by that time.  But here was a chance to see something unfold from the very early days. 

After a few shows, I realized no one was taping the shows, not even the band - so I began taping shows. 

I have now seen 155 twiddle shows and recorded 137 shows, from 2008 to March 2014.  

In the early days, I didn't release these shows, because the band's manager (now gone) asked me not to release them. 

Now that twiddle is building a significant fan base, both in Vermont and elsewhere, especially Colorado, I think it is time to start releasing things from the grubby archive.  

I do take some pride in the fact that I saw this coming SEVEN YEARS AGO and it all started with only hearing the band, not seeing them.  

It's all about the music for me, although I have enjoyed meeting everyone in the scene and becoming friends with the band, those weren't my goal - it was all about documenting the growth of this music. 

At the 2 show run in Denver in March of 2014, I realized that the time has come - to start showing the history of the band. 

Starting in May, 2014, I will be releasing shows from this archive, with a write-up of why I've chosen this particular show, on a roughly 4-6 week basis.  I'll post the shows on archive and the write-ups here.  

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Here are the five essential Twiddle shows that every twiddler should hear - it's a encapsulation of the past five years of Twiddle development. 

1) April 4, 2008:  Connolly's New York City - a great NYC appearance early one,  with Lucid and New Groove Orchestra warming up 

2) August 28, 2009: Castleton College: Twiddle's home court: Midnight to 4 am show: in a tiny room with 250 Castleton students, everyone buzzed wonderfully (just listen) 

3) May 27, 2010: The Sainte Asbury Park NJ: a wonderful sounding soundboard recording with a great setlist. The first time Doinkinbonk really emerges. 

4) March 11, 2011: Stage One, Bridgeport CT: Twiddle's first show at this amazingly cool venue; the band is on fire too 

5) March 21, 2012: The Fox Theater, Boulder CO: Twiddle's arrival out west on their first western tour; first Boulder show in 2011 had 18 people. This show had 500. 

See more detailed descriptions of these shows, along with links to download them from archive.org, below.  (To be added soon)